This award is aimed at Angel Investors who can demonstrate that they have been very active in backing high growth potential startups and early stage businesses in the UK during the past 18 months. 

The award will be given to the angel that has shown the capacity to not only bring finance to their investee businesses, but also clear added value, bringing access to experience, skills, contacts and mentoring to support the successful growth and scale-up of their portfolio. The investor can be acting as a lead angel as part of a syndicate or on their own. This award is open to both male and female investors. Active female angels are especially encouraged to apply.

It should also be noted that in view of the prestigious nature of this award, the winner will be expected to be an Ambassador for angel investing on behalf of UKBAA for 2016-17 and be prepared to engage in events and activities organised by UKBAA that are aimed at promoting angel investing as well as specific speaking engagements. 

Sponsored by BGF

About BGF

BGF (Business Growth Fund) is the UK’s most active provider of growth capital to small and mid-sized businesses having backed close to 100 entrepreneurs, with over £500 million of long-term capital, in four years.
BGF’s team of over 70 investors, operating from eight regional offices in the UK, make initial investments of between £2m and £10m and then actively look to provide additional funding to support further growth. The investment provided is typically in the form of equity in return for a minority equity stake.
BGF’s philosophy is to provide long-term equity investment for companies with strong growth potential and in doing so expanding the funding options available to ambitious management teams across the UK. BGF investments are used to fund a wide variety of business plans from simply increasing working capital to making a strategic acquisition, from new capex to increase capacity to a step change in sales and marketing, from an export drive to new product development.
BGF also provide practical and strategic support directly through the investment team and wider BGF infrastructure, through non-executive involvement at board level, and through access to our broader networks.
BGF is an independent company with capital of up to £2.5 billion, backed by five of the UK’s main banking groups - Barclays, HSBC, Lloyds, RBS, and Standard Chartered. BGF works closely with the banks and its investments often help to unlock bank debt for companies, but BGF is managed completely autonomously with a wholly independent management team.