This award is aimed at startups or early stage businesses in any aspect of technology. The business should have received angel investment in the past 18 months, which can also include co-investment funding, and may have also have received other external finance (e.g. R&D grants/awards).

Nominations for this award must demonstrate that: the technology has strong innovative /disruptive capability, addresses a key market, business or societal challenge and has capacity to achieve high growth. Applicants must show how the investment has facilitated the growth potential and competitiveness of the company. Both the business and the investor(s) should be identified for the award.

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About Innovate UK

Taking disruptive technologies from an initial idea through to the market involves considerable risk and requires the right combination of a highly innovative idea, an excellent management team and access to suitable capital.  With this award for the Best Early Stage Investment in a Disruptive Technology Business, Innovate UK celebrates those who bring innovation and capital to start and scale the growth businesses of tomorrow.