This award is aimed at a high growth potential businesses in any sector which have women as founders and leaders, ether exclusively led by women, or as part of a diverse team with a significant proportion of women in senior positions. The business must have successfully accessed Angel Investment during the past 18 months. 

Nominations will be especially welcome where the investment in the business has reflected diversity and included investment from a female business angel, either acting on her own or as part of a diverse syndicate. The business can be in any sector, but should demonstrate that it is innovative and has high growth potential. The application should also demonstrate that the investment has supported the further scale-up of the Women-led business and identify the role of the investor where possible. 

Sponsored by Lloyds Banking Group


About Llyods Bank

Lloyds Bank is a proud supporter of UK Business Angels Association. We understand the importance and value of bringing together experts and potential investors to share their experiences and help develop the market for equity and angel investing. Bank lending is crucial for many businesses but growth companies often need equity too and we know that this form of investment can transform the prospects of an ambitious company.

Stephen Pegge, Group Competitive Markets & Business Policy Director, Lloyds Banking Group says that “When it comes to start-ups and growing businesses, banks are often the first port of call and link to other crucial support.”

It is important for the vibrancy and future of the UK economy that we provide access to support for businesses of all sectors, sizes and from all parts of Britain to support for growth. Lloyds Bank has more than one million business clients, ranging from the very small enterprises all the way up to Global corporates.

We place our clients – whether they are small businesses, mid-sized ones or large global corporates – at the heart of everything we do. Lloyds is a relationship driven bank, with local teams, making local decisions and the interaction our customers have with our relationship managers is the most important driver for success for us.

Lloyds Bank outlined a commitment of support to small firms across the country in its Helping Britain Prosper Plan.  This plan includes a goal to increase SME lending on a net basis by at least £1 billion p.a. The bank is a major provider of equity through Lloyds Development Capital and a cornerstone investor in the Business Growth Fund.