This award is open to active angel investors working as syndicates (minimum 3 individual investors). The syndicate may have invested either as part of a business angel network, a formally structured syndicate, or have operated informally. Members of the syndicate must have been co-investing together on a regular basis over the past year. The judges are looking for syndicates that bring more than just capital to the companies they back; submissions should demonstrate where the syndicate has added value in helping the growth of their investee businesses and should aim to identify the role taken by the lead angel where appropriate. 

The syndicate may be backing businesses at any point in the funding cycle, so it may have helped closing an investment, driving growth, executing a turnaround or delivering an exit. They may focus on one specific sector or be active in a range of sectors or with a geographic focus. The syndicate may be the main investor, or co-invest alongside other finance sources, including other syndicates, co-investment funds, VC funds, seed funds or passive capital such as crowdfunding, lending and grants. 

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