Symptoms of Alcohol Withdrawal: Timeline and Signs of Danger

It’s always best to consult a physician on the best strategy, especially if you drink heavily. That said, tapering off alcohol doesn’t completely eliminate withdrawal symptoms. Alcohol withdrawal is dangerous and it’s important to be careful throughout the process. Make sure you have access to medical care and social support. Let your friends and family know that you’re thinking about drinking less and exploring how you feel with less alcohol in your life.

How is alcohol withdrawal treated?

how to cut back on alcohol without withdrawal

It also provides an overview of the alcohol withdrawal timeline process and when to discuss your drinking with your healthcare provider. If you drink alcohol heavily for weeks, months, or years, you may have both mental and physical problems when you stop or seriously cut back on how much you drink. Many people — including many addiction experts — believe that the only way to handle a drinking problem is to quit altogether. Indeed, abstinence-based programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) have helped countless people manage their addiction and live healthier lives.

Alcohol Withdrawal

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Will I lose weight if I stop drinking alcohol?

If you’re not dependent, you should be able to either reduce the quantity or frequency of drinking or quit altogether. There are so many options for cutting back or quitting alcohol it’s hard to know what will be most effective. If the thought “Maybe I should go easy on the alcohol” has ever crossed your mind, you are not alone.

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  • If that’s not possible, admit your desire to drink and don’t judge yourself for it.
  • Understanding your habits and your motivations to quit drinking can help you understand the change you’re making in your life and reinforce why it’s important.

With a clear goal and a solid list of whys, it’s time to develop some strategies to stick within the limits. If you have ever gone on a road trip, you will know that planning is the key to a successful road trip. A skilled traveler prepares for unexpected weather, knows where the stops are, and packs extra water and snacks. Cutting down on alcohol is like going on a road trip, and you are much more likely to have a good time when you have a game plan. Here are some things to plan for on your “cutting down” road trip. Whether your goal is to cut back a little or quit altogether, here are some tips to help you get started.

And for some drinkers, including those with a more serious dependency, abstinence is still advised. This is why it’s always best to find some form of long-term support in sobriety. Support groups, from Alcoholics Anonymous to SMART Recovery, are one free way to find a community of people on the same journey. There are also a number of anti-craving medications to help you avoid drinking again, or even help with your tapering process. Finally, finding a therapist or a recovery coach can help you develop new coping mechanisms and move forward in your life.

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  • The main downside of tapering off is that it requires discipline.
  • This is why it’s always best to find some form of long-term support in sobriety.
  • With the start of the new year, it’s a great time to change your drinking habits.

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